You Know They're Coming for Marriage Equality

Late yesterday, we all checked our phones.

Disbelief. Confusion. Depression. Anger. Resolve.

It was one of those seminal moments in life where you remember where you were when you heard the news. San Diego Democrats for Equality has, for nigh-on decades, been a champion for women's healthcare, women's rights, abortion rights, for choice, and for reproductive justice.

We've asked probably hundreds of candidates where they stand, the question itself is enshrined in our candidate questionnaire, and we do not endorse candidates who stand in opposition.

The impending dismantling of Roe. v Wade by weaking privacy rights should be seen as an assault on all of us -- a terrifying notion of what's about to happen is the loss of rights for over half the population of our country, and the very real possibility that LGBTQ+ rights, voting rights, civil rights, etc. -- everything we hold dear and sometimes take for granted, it's all on the chopping block. And, so much more.

On a personal note, I texted my mom last night that if she was ever thinking of marrying her longtime partner that they should probably marry now before we lose that right.

That's a sobering sentiment.

This is the scenario right-wing Republicans have been salivating over for years. They almost have what they want: absolute control.

They are about to end 49 years of legal precedent, and we know... it won't end there.

In response to the news last night, almost immediately, our Governor Newsom, Speaker Rendon, and our Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins announced a constitutional amendment that will enshrine abortion rights into our California Constitution.

Our club will consider endorsing this at our next meeting on Thursday, May 19th. Before we officially vote on that amendment, and on behalf of our club's executive board... to our friends, allies, and family outside the LGBTQ+ community... San Diego Democrats for Equality would like to reiterate our commitment to protecting abortion rights, women's rights, women's healthcare, and reproductive justice -- just as we have for decades.

You can count on us as an unwavering ally in this fight, because it's absolutely our fight too.

As grim as things look now in the light of day, it is still a new day. Tomorrow, the sun rises on a new day, and a new day after that. The cycle repeats.

Today, we advocate. We organize.

Tomorrow, we march. We legislate.

In a couple weeks, we vote and we get others to do the same.

For truth, justice, and a better tomorrow...

Ryan Trabuco (he/him/his)
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality

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