About Us

San Diego Democrats for Equality is one of the largest Democratic Clubs in Southern California. The club has an incredibly rich history and remains one of the oldest active LGBTQ+ organizations in the United States. The history of the organization closely mirrors the progression of the national struggle for LGBTQ+ rights. It is a history that members are exceedingly proud of and rightly so.

Mission Statement

San Diego Democrats for Equality is a progressive democratic LGBTQ+ and Allies San Diego-based organization that aims to unify and organize all those interested in supporting and furthering progressive democratic values guaranteed to all Americans regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, class, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or age.

San Diego Democrats for Equality is an organization that implements its mission and platform through:

  • supporting quality Democratic candidates for every appointed and elected position at local, state and national level;
  • advancing public policies for enduring social change;
  • developing and disseminating ideas to promote fairness and democracy;
  • forging concrete connections with other community organizations which foster progressive ideals; and,
  • mentoring progressive advocates to fight for social justice.