Transgender Resources and Guidelines

Candidates and elected officials seeking an endorsement from San Diego Democrats for Equality are expected to have:

  1. A basic understanding of LGBTQ social justice issues, including:
    • Why LGBTQ youth are considered a highly vulnerable underserved population.
    • Why LGBTQ youth of color are overrepresented in the criminal justice system.
    • An understanding of the route causes of transgender homelessness, abuse, and discrimination.
  2. Are able to respectfully communicate to transgender and non-gender binary individuals.
  3. Can speak to specific policies and initiatives that they intend to implement in their jurisdictions to better serve LGBTQ youth and address transgender homelessness and transphobia.
  4. Are prepared to develop and implement specific policies in their districts to address:
    • Family Rejection & Homelessness
    • Unsafe Schools & Unfair Disciplinary Policies
    • Discriminatory Policing Strategies
    • Reducing transphobia and workforce discrimination
    • Support safe youth transgender reentry, housing and economic empowerment programs

To assist candidates and elected officials develop informed policies, a number of resource guides on the intersection of racial and gender equality can be found below.